About us

Everyone knows a good lawyer joke, and references to unscrupulous lawyers pervade our popular culture. Their primary goal is to capitalize on your hardship to feed his or her own bank account. At best, we’re a necessary evil to many.

So how did we get to this point? We here at Power Play Legal would submit that this perception in our culture is probably well-founded; we see it every day in our practice. Lawyers pretend to be looking out for their clients’ interests, but ultimately they have their own best interests at heart. They deceive their clients, disappoint them, and refuse to listen to them. The person who is supposed to be your guardian ends up being the person you trust least. This is never how it was supposed to work.

Power Play Legal was formed to try and reverse this way of thinking and bring integrity and pride back to the legal profession. We want to practice law the way it was meant to be practiced. This doesn’t mean we’re perfect by any means, it just means that we put our clients first. We believe your lawyer should be someone you can trust absolutely to honor their commitments, protect your interests, and put your goals ahead of everything else.

This philosophy means three things for you:

  • We drop the act that we’re better than you. Meeting with a lawyer can stress anybody out, because lawyers are kind of the worst. If you meet with us, though, you’ll meet nice, normal people who don’t wear suits unless we’re going to court, don’t have $100 haircuts, and don’t try and use Latin words to impress you. We’re just a couple of Midwest guys who really enjoy the practice of law.
  • We are selective on the cases we take. Don’t come to us if you have a case where you did everything wrong but you want someone else to pay for it. We also don’t take cases where we don’t believe the client is telling the truth. We practice ethically and we don’t abuse the system, so if you want to be that type of client, you probably should look elsewhere.
  • We only take as many cases as we can reasonably handle. We don’t take 100 cases and have paralegals running them for you. We have an ethical obligation to not stretch ourselves too thin. If we can’t keep up with e-mails and phone calls from our clients, then we’re violating that rule and we need to change something. You deserve to have an actual attorney giving you legal advice,no matter how smart our paralegals are.


Sean PSean is a partner with the firm who has been practicing in Las Vegas since 2000. Before turning his focus to personal injury law, he handled all types of civil litigation as well as criminal defense. Sean has a wide range of experience in civil litigation on both sides of the aisle — plaintiff and defendant — which gives him a valuable perspective in handling his cases. Sean believes that having only only experience as a plaintiff or defense attorney leads many lawyers out there to become short-sighted and careless in their practice. These lawyers fall into bad habits of just relying on “the usual plan” instead of evaluating each case based on its particular facts and trying to understand the mind of their opponent. You can’t outmaneuver your opponent if you don’t know where they’re heading, after all.

Sean was born and raised in Iowa, and he received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Iowa Law School with Distinction (2000), after receiving his undergraduate degree from Marquette University (1997). Sean is licensed to practice in Nevada (2000), Iowa (2014), and Illinois (2017). He was named to the 2015 and 2016 Nevada Legal Elite by Nevada Business Magazine, one of the Top 100 Litigators of 2016 by the American Society of Legal Advocates, and named to the top 3% of attorneys nationwide in 2016 by the Expert Network.

Sean is active in the Las Vegas community on civic issues, and is a popular speaker on legal topics such as the formation of an intermediate appellate court in Nevada; the judicial election process and appointment of judges; potential conflicts created by law firms financing judicial elections; and constitutional issues related to federal ownership of state land. Sean and his wife C.J. live in Spring Valley and enjoy spending time with their friends, going to Golden Knights and 51s games, and traveling.





Andrew RAndy is a partner with Power Play Legal and was born and raised in Wisconsin.  Andy attended University of Wisconsin – Madison from 1999 – 2003, where he graduated with a degree in Political Science. From there, he attended University of Minnesota Law School where he graduated magna cum laude in 2006 and took a job with a highly-respected regional litigation firm right out of law school. He made partner with that firm in 2014, but decided to strike out on his own shortly after that. Andy and Sean worked together back in 2006-2007 and stayed friends even after Sean left that firm to open a satellite office in Las Vegas for a large California firm. Andy and Sean joined forces again in 2016 and have created Power Play Legal together out of a shared interest in reversing the negative trends of Las Vegas personal injury litigation.

Andy has focused his practice on personal injury matters since roughly 2009, after working extensively in construction defect and shareholder litigation. Personal injury work appeals to Andy because he enjoys working with real people and having the power to make an actual positive difference in someone’s life by doing a good job. Andy tries to maintain the same level of optimism about the legal profession that he had on his first day of law school, and refuses to believe that lawyers have to choose between being successful and being nice. You can be a strong advocate for your clients without being a jerk to those around you, and Andy tries to prove that every day.

On the personal side of things, Andy and his family live in Summerlin and have since they moved to Las Vegas in 2006. Every moment not spent with his family or working in his practice is generally spent rooting for the Golden Knights (he’s a season ticket holder and moderately obsessed with the team), Packers, and Brewers. Andy and his wife love to travel as much as possible, but their favorite time of year is when they attend the Life is Beautiful festival here in Las Vegas. It just doesn’t get any better than getting our community together to celebrate music, art, and Las Vegas.