Brain Injury Attorney in Las Vegas

Traumatic brain injury (“TBI”) cases are generally the most hotly-contested and intensive types of injury cases. This is not only because of the potentially high amount of damages incurred by the victim of a brain injury, but also because of the complex science that goes into evaluating a brain injury. There are many different opinions in the field as to causation of different types of brain injuries, the timeline for recovery of different types of brain injuries, and the permanence of many symptoms. Doctors in the field have widely varying opinions, so it can be difficult to navigate these types of claims if you don’t go in expecting that you will see this disparity.

Here at Power Play Legal, we try to use a variety of experts from different specialties to try and create one cohesive narrative for a jury to explain the cause of the injuries, the treatment for the injuries, and the potential for lasting effects from the injuries. The defense will oftentimes overload on experts, try and obscure the facts of our case by relying on unrelated studies, and bombard the jury with many different scientific/technical terms to try and make them feel uncertain about every aspect of the case. This can lead to a jury deciding there is no clear answer to these questions and siding with the defense.

We do just the opposite. We keep things simple. We have our experts break down the conditions for the jury into concepts that are easily understood and we have our experts work together to come up with a plan that they all agree on for treatment and evaluation of our clients. This helps the jury view our client’s condition as a whole instead of piecemeal and gives us the best chance to create a persuasive and truthful narrative that cuts through the defense’s attempts to distract.

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