Commercial Truck Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas

Commercial trucking accident cases are among the most serious and challenging cases a personal injury firm can handle. This is for two reasons. First, the extent of the damage and injuries when a large, heavy, commercial vehicle is involved is typically far greater than an in a typical auto accident. The damage to the impacted vehicle and its driver can be severe, even if the victim is fortunate enough to avoid a prolonged hospital stay. The human body is just not designed to experience those types of forces, and it rarely escapes without some type of detrimental effects that need to be addressed. If you’ve been involved in such a collision, you understand exactly what we’re saying.

The second reason these cases are challenging, though, is the complications involved when a corporation is the defendant. In a personal vehicle accident, insurance issues are relatively simple and narrowly defined – the law requires minimum coverage and most people carry anywhere from the bare minimum coverage up to $500,000.00 in liability coverage. A corporation, however, typically has a combination of different insurance layers that may have an impact on your ability to achieve a settlement. The company may be self-insured up to a certain limit, it may have concurrent coverage between two or more policies, and it could have excess coverage for claims above their primary limits in the millions of dollars. Knowing how these layers interact and interconnect is very important for achieving the best possible settlement.

Many personal injury lawyers have a weak understanding of the insurance challenges involved in a dispute like this. Here at Power Play Legal, however, we have a long history of litigating insurance coverage issues and use that to our advantage in not only dealing with the other side, but also making strategic offers to place the most pressure on an insurer or defendant to pay a reasonable value for the claim. It’s not as simple as issuing a “policy limits demand” at the outset of the case, as many lawyers seem to think.

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