Construction Defect

Our lawyers have decades of combined experience handling construction defect cases in Nevada. The law has changed drastically since the building boom in the mid-2000s based on very strong lobbying from home builders to make it harder to sue them. Still, if your home is experiencing signs of distress and it is less than six years old, contact us and we’ll advise you on how to proceed.

Clark County has a long history of problematic soils conditions that can lead to structural problems in your home. While engineers take many precautions in their recommendations for preparation of your lot, the contractors tasked with grading and paving do not always follow those recommendations and homes can see severe signs of distress within a few shorts years, months, and even weeks after closing on your home. Signs of potential structural problems to be on the lookout for include:

  • Drywall cracks, especially at the corners of your windows or at entryways;
  • Vertical offsets in your driveway, pavers, etc.;
  • Cracks in your foundation, tiles, concrete flatwork – especially cracks that proceed in a relatively straight line;
  • Doors and windows that become difficult to operate; and
  • Stucco cracks, especially around windows and doorways.

Other problems with your home that likely are not structural in nature can also create real problems for your home. The biggest non-structural concerns we see in homes involve water intrusion. Water intrusion can damage your building products and increase the risk of mold growth throughout your home. Signs of potential water intrusion include:

  • Unsealed penetrations into your stucco that can allow water to get into your wall assembly;
  • Inadequate clearance between the bottom of the stucco and the ground, which can allow moisture to migrate up into your wall assembly;
  • Missing ceiling tiles, cracked ceiling tiles, or improper flashing/underlayment on your roof;
  • Cracked window sills or cracked stucco around window assemblies;
  • Improper slope of your yard, driveway, or roof that allows water to pond and damage building components; and
  • Improper ventilation of attics or other enclosed spaces.

Beyond these major problems, we also investigate less serious issues that still can ruin your enjoyment of your home and damage the resale value down the road. After the change in law, you need to file a lawsuit before your house turns six years old, so contact us immediately if you think you’re seeing any signs of construction defect and we’ll evaluate your home at no cost to you.

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