Hotel & Casino Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is filled with stunning casinos and resort hotels decked out with the best amenities available. We love Las Vegas, and we respect the companies that provide so many jobs for our city and create our bustling tourism industry. We are not a firm that is out gunning for casinos or hotel operators.

However, no company is perfect and dealing with legitimate accidents claims by patrons is just a cost of doing business for each and every resort operator in this city. Our approach to casino/hotel claims is simple – present the case very early on and give the operator a fair opportunity to settle the claim at a reasonable amount. Surprisingly, there are several hotel operators in Las Vegas who do take the safety of their patrons seriously and accept when they made a mistake. Those operators pay early and, honestly, get a better deal than those companies that insist on denying all liability and treat their former customers poorly. They also realize that these injured patrons are their clientele and treating them fairly can bring them back and avoid a public relations nightmare.

We have handled many casino/hotel premises liability cases here in Las Vegas and our recommendation is this: only pursue strong claims. Las Vegas hotels and casinos retain some of the best defense firms in the city, and they have a strong interest in avoiding creation of bad precedent. Chasing Caesar’s or MGM down with a bad liability case in the hopes that they’ll pay up to avoid going to trial is a mistake. These companies and their attorneys can spot a bad case a mile away and the defense law firm makes more money defending against a bad case than settling a good case.

The casino/hotel injury cases we take are only those that have strong liability arguments. We don’t want to exploit the industry that built our city. We don’t want to negotiate for “nuisance settlements” or compromise our integrity by building a case up as something bigger than it is.

The good news is that if you bring us your case and we take it, that means we believe in the case and we believe that the hotel/casino actually did something wrong that needs to be corrected – not just for your benefit, but for the benefit of our city and its residents. People often forget that lawyers actually do serve an important function: we force companies to consider quality and safety in their operations instead of just their bottom line. It’s unrealistic to think a billion dollar company is going to change its practices just because they care about their patrons; they need to see there is an impact on their bottom line if they don’t change. The only way to effect change in a large company’s policies is to make sure their mistakes have financial consequences.

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