Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas

Motorcycle accidents are substantially different than auto accidents for two reasons. First, the questions on who is at fault in a motorcycle accident often linger much longer than in an auto accident case. This is usually because most motorcycle accidents occur due to the auto driver failing to see the motorcycle and merging/turning into the motorcycle. This liability argument is less clear cut, and often involves the testimony of the motorcycle rider and auto driver before any real progress on settlement can be made.

The second reason these cases can linger on and be more challenging to settle is that defense firms rely on a perceived bias by juries against motorcycle drivers. There is an inherent bias in our culture against motorcycle riders that implies that they are reckless. People tend to automatically assign blame to motorcyclists for accidents and injuries, even after it becomes clear that the motorcyclist was obeying all traffic laws.

At Power Play Legal we know we need to overcome this bias if there is any chance to obtain justice for our clients. We counsel our clients on these issues, and equip them with tools to try and overcome this unfair treatment. The first step is acknowledging the bias and realizing that even if it’s unfair, we have to operate inside that system to achieve our clients’ goals. It doesn’t matter that it’s unfair, it matters how we can overcome the unfairness to get the best result. We can argue about changing society another day – for your case, we need to focus on changing the perception for just those people sitting in the jury box. This means preparing for depositions and trial with that goal front and center.

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