Nursing Home Negligence Attorney in Las Vegas

Among the more disturbing and distressing cases we handle are nursing home neglect cases. You entrust your loved ones to a nursing home or assisted living facility and you pay very good money to ensure that these facilities provide the care that you can’t. There many fine facilities in Southern Nevada that do exactly that, but we never encounter them. No, the facilities we deal with have repeated violations of the law in regards to their residents, they show a complete and utter lack of caring or understanding for their residents, and they violate the trust of the families of the residents on a routine basis. It is truly shocking to see the appalling the conditions in some of these homes, and we are glad to have played any part in reforming this system in Las Vegas by punishing those facilities.

Nevada has a powerful statutory scheme to protect the elderly and the vulnerable from abuse and neglect, and we use that to punish these companies that routinely abuse their residents. The State of Nevada conducts thorough investigations of violations for these facilities, and this is often a great first step in the process. The State uses its vast resources to conduct an investigation, often before we even file our Complaint. The State has broad investigatory tools at its disposal that can help families learn the truth about these facilities and expedite recovery.

Once the State investigates, they will issue a report that is publicly available and helps us evaluate the shortcomings of each facility. A failure to identify a violation of the law is not necessarily proof of no wrongdoing, however. Even if the State cannot find adequate evidence to sanction the facility, there are still situations where abuse has occurred that only a private lawsuit can remedy.

At Power Play Legal, we have experts ready to investigate these cases and determine if abuse and neglect have occurred. Due to the nature of these claims, we make every effort to try and fast-track these cases to try and achieve a recovery sooner than later. The residents and their families often cannot afford to go through a prolonged litigation process that can take years, so we keep our client goals at the front of our mind in these cases and work to achieve the best, quickest resolution possible.

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