Personal Injury Attorney in Las Vegas

“Personal injury” law is really just a general category of what we handle here. The specific practice areas inside of personal injury law are discussed in more detail on our site, but the general principles all remain the same: if someone acts in a negligent, reckless, or even intentional way towards you and you get injured, the law says you deserve compensation for those injuries.

Compensation comes in two types here in Nevada: special damages and general damages. Special damages are those types of damages that you can put down on a spreadsheet and add up. Medical bills, lost wages, and even loss of household services (the impact an injury has on your ability to do normal things around the house) are the most common types of special damages in injury cases. General damages are those damages that can’t be really be added up with any clarity – like pain and suffering, emotional distress, or loss of companionship. These damages are based more on your own testimony than they are based on any formula or calculation.

The specific facts of your case will dictate whether we focus on special damages, general damages, or a combination. Special damages are often considered as the foundation for your general damages case, but this is not necessarily true. Some injuries cause very small amounts of special damages but can linger a lifetime and incur large amounts of general damages. Conversely, you may have a case with a huge amount of medical bills but the duration of the injury is comparatively short and thus your general damages are comparatively small. It’s important to have an attorney that sits down and evaluates your case for what it is instead of just applying some arbitrary formula to your case. Every case is unique, and there’s no “one size fits all” litigation plan that works in personal injury cases.

There’s also an important strategy that many of our competitors fail to acknowledge: the cost/benefit analysis. Every decision on treatment and experts in a personal injury case comes with pros and cons. Many lawyers disregard these considerations because all they care about is getting the largest number. Why? Because their fee is based on that number, regardless of what their client receives.

Here at Power Play Legal, we evaluate every decision with your bottom line in mind and not just ours. Getting you a $1,000,000 verdict sounds great unless we spent $600,000 doing it. By the time you pay us our fee and pay back your costs, you could be left with very little. That’s the mistake a lot of people make when they choose one of those large billboard law firms; you get placed in the “litigation mill” and the lawyers and their experts work together for their financial benefit and not yours.

At Power Play Legal, we keep your net recovery at the front of our mind in all occasions and talk to you about what we’re planning to do in your case before we do it. We let you know the potential impact any decisions could have on your net recovery and we discuss whether they could be more efficient ways to achieve that same goal. As a boutique firm, we rely on referrals from our past clients to keep our business thriving and cheating our clients out of money they deserve isn’t a great way to get referrals. We do the right thing by our clients, even if it sometimes ends up being less profitable for us. In the long run, doing the right thing always pays off.

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