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Slip and fall or trip and fall cases are among the most common cases out there, but they also among the most common types of cases to yield a defense verdict in Las Vegas. Why? Because tripping or slipping, without more, is insufficient to obtain a recovery against a property owner/manager. You need to show that whoever was in charge of the area in which you slipped/tripped was doing something that violated the standard of care in the industry. You need to show that person/company was negligent in some sense.

We get countless calls from people who have been injured in cases like this, and we take the time to sit down with them and evaluate their recovery potential early on before we take any action. We don’t take cases that have weak facts in the hope that we can extort money out of the defendant. That’s now how we practice law, and we believe that type of legal practice is what is wrong with personal injury litigation these days.

No, we sit down with you and sort through all the relevant facts in order to determine if you have a case. Key facts we need to evaluate are the conditions where you fell, the presence of anything unusual at the location of the fall, the history of falls in that same location, statements made by the defendant or its agents/employees, and a variety of other issues that have historical and legal significance in this field of law. Once we have had a chance to evaluate all factors, we’ll advise you on whether we believe your case is worth pursuing. If we do not believe your case meets our high standards, you’ll always be free to get a second opinion and talk to someone else and we can help facilitate that by transferring any case documents to another attorney and we’ll also be happy to tell the other attorney how we evaluated it and why we did not believe it was worth pursuing so that the other attorney can have all information available to him or her.

If we do like your case, though, be confident that we will take aggressive action to prosecute your case to the fullest. Depending on the type of case, we have a great list of contacts in several industries that can help support your case on both the damages and liability aspects. By only taking the top level of cases, we also avoid diluting our expert witness testimony by having them strain to reach conclusions on liability that may be not be particularly strong. If we took every case that came through our door and asked our experts to testify in our favor on the weak cases, we would risk destroying that expert’s credibility and jeopardizing the client’s recovery.

The best plan is to stick with good cases that don’t abuse the system and deserve compensation. Sticking to this simple formula has made us successful and kept our clients consistently satisfied with their results.

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